Wednesday, May 21, 2008

School Carnival!

I love the excitement at the end of the school year. It is fun to go on the field trips and watch the programs. I have had lots of fun this year "helping" out at Sadie and Megan's school. When we found out that there was going to be a carnival, it was an instant count-down- they were all so excited!
Laura, Megan and Shayla, just waiting in line.
Sadie and Quinci- These two are BFF'S.
Quinci is such a cutie! She pulls the silliest faces!
Kiah, Sydnie and Nate- waiting in the REALLY LONG line for treats. They had just had their hair spray-painted. So fun!
Love that hair Parker! He thought that he was a big kid with his wrist band. He loved the slides and couldn't get enough of the bounce house. It also helped out that he was bigger than most of the Kindergarten class. Hurray for little giants!
Sadie and Quinci with Miss Nelson, their teacher. This is the second time that she has taught them. She was their Kindergarten teacher also (bless her heart!). They LOVE her. She was a good sport and got a matching spray-paint hair do with the girls.
As Sadie and Quinci would say... She totally ROCKS!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bug Boys!

For Mother's Day I got a new camera. (yeah!) I took these pictures of Parker with his cousins Kade and Sam. These boys would be fine to sit and look for bugs for hours on end.
Looking for centipedes and rolly-polly's (or ravioli's as Parker calls them).
Kade looking for the next big rock to overturn
Sammy catching a big wormy!
Thanks to Aunt Lisa for the use of her beautiful flower bed and not getting to upset at our little adventurers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Faves

My friend Jannda did this and I think that it is a fabulous idea. I will say that I might not post every Friday BUT -- Here is to my faves this week!

I love to plant flowers and do yard work
(you would NEVER know by looking at my yard though... )
I went to the IFA with my sisters and mom today so I am going to do my favorite flowers... I wish I was cool enough to import pics but it is late and I don't like electronic devices SO-
use your imagination!

1- Bleeding Hearts- I think that this comes from a friend that I had that died from a Heart Condition when we were in third grade. The only thing I remember about her funeral was all of the amazing flowers and that somehow (in a good way) they tied those flowers in to her funeral. I have loved them ever since.

2- TULIPS- i LOVE these! They are my all time favorite flower and I personally think that it is a cryin' shame that they are limited to spring. There is nothing better than a field FULL of tulips. Someday I will post a picture of me in Holland with them in the background....

3- Peony- Once again a flower with a limited growing/blooming season. I am not talking about the flowers that our Grandmother cut for the Cemetery on Memorial Day. I like those BUT I love the big double pink variety.

4- Candy striped phlox- So cute and looks great all summer long. I love the color of the petals and how they all look like they have been hand painted.

5- Hibiscus- LOVE these too. The Marriot Center (in Provo Utah of all places) has a bush that actually survives the UTAH COLD! I can't wait to plant my own.

6- Who am I kidding... I can't limit this one! Here's to my other faves! Ornamental poppies (in RED), Hydrangea, Martha Washington variety of geraniums, Ivy Geraniums, mini Daffodils, Asters, Lily of the Valley, fountain Lobelia, Gazanias, and a whole bunch more......