Friday, March 27, 2009

My Sadie-Ladybug is 9!

She is 9! and if she is telling you it is "4 more years til I am 13"!
S C A R Y!!!

I am going to copy (marilee) cause I thought that this was a fun way to pay tribute to a cute girl.

S- is for sweet and so kind to her family.

A- is for always reading and writing her own stories.

D- is for "dang cute"! She has her own little sense of style!

I- is for intellegent, she is so SMART! This picture is at the 3rd grade Spelling Bee where she took 1st Place!

E- is for energetic. She is a dancing and twirling queen. 

We love you Sadie-bug! Hope that you have a great day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Parker-ism- things that make him go hmmm

This morning after trying on his sisters Heeley's.

Parker: Mom I think these are out of gas or air or something
Me: Why Buddy
Parker: Cause I can't get them to skate pretty well...

While laying in bed...
Parker: Mom, you know how there are black and white sheep?
Me : Yeah
Parker: How come there isn't one this color-- (points to gray)
Me: Good question?!?

Another night time thought...
Parker: Did you know that a fly trap could bite off your finger?
Me: (thinking about sticky flytraps) No buddy, I don't think so.
Parker: Yeah they could, They have mungus jaws and really sharp teeth, and can grab you.
Me: (Oh, now I get it--Venus Flytraps) They still can't bite your finger off.
Parker: Have you ever let one try?!? 
Me: Nope (you win this round...)
Parker: Let's get one and have the girls try it...! Giggle, giggle.

After going to the Post Office to pick up the chickens that Justin ordered-
Parker: Can I see?
Parker: OH, That is where baby chickens come from!!!
Mom & Dad will just leave it at that...

One day out of the blue-
Parker: Mom, I don't want to grow up. (kind of gets a little misty eyed)
Me: Why Bud? You won't grow up for a long time.
Parker: Because, then I have to kiss girls- and I think that is so SICK!
Me: You don't ever have to kiss a girl if you don't want too 
Parker: (really teary) But Sadie and Megan said I do and it has to be Chloe (our next door neighbor)
Me: No you don't, I will talk to the girls
Parker: If Chloe tries to kiss me I am going to punch her.
Me: Don't hit girls buddy, just don't let her kiss you...
Parker: That is gross, I might get a disease or something...
Just keep thinking that bud, just keep thinking that...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No More Monkey's!

I don't have any pictures but I wanted to tell you what we did today...

My little monkey TJ was playing in the bubbles while I washed dishes last night. He was having a blast and must have forgotten that he was teetering on a bar stool. I was washing, he was splashing one second and he was screaming and I was freaking out the next. He had tried to take another step (i think) to get the big bubbles and fell down on our slate kitchen floor. ouch! He was so sad and just wanted his Daddy. (How come these major things always happen when Dad's are let's say, on the other side of the US?!?)
His foot was red but nothing to major. But he wouldn't walk on it. I called the after hours nurse and waited on hold for (no lie) 15 minutes. The nurse said, and you will love this... " We close in an hour and a half and it takes longer than that to get an xray and have the Doctor look at it, so why don't you give him some motrin and call back tomorrow... really. that is it. you want me to let my poor baby suffer? geez, even if it isn't broken, have some empathy. i can't wait til you have kids...
So today I called the Doctor and he said to bring him in. He looked at it and then watched  him walk and then sent us for an xray. What a delightful experience that was... Screams so loud you thought there was a torture device there...
Then we waited and waited some more. I am not a patient person.... Still more waiting, all I could think about was bathing a casted two year old foot. and then yesss. a phone call and relief. NOT BROKEN! just a bad sprain and a gimpy little walk to go with it, but it is so cute..
Happy days are here again! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bye Bye, Front tooth!

It was a fun time to be Maggie at the BYU Basketball game.
She got to sit by Mike and Ashley- She pretty much wishes that they were her parents. What's not to love about cool aunt ashley and uncle mike especially when they spoil you rotten?!? and tell you how cute you are and never make you clean your room???

Would't you like him for a dad?!? hmmm

Mag's tooth had been hanging on by a little thread. I had been begging her to let me pull it out. She looked like Nanny McPhee and the other tooth was already showing behind it. Do you think that she would let me? Yeah, right... I am just her mom. (her real mom!)

But good ol' Uncle Mikey asked if he could do the honors and what do you know? She let him... 
Pretend parents get all the fun...
Thanks Mike!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ward Talent Show

This year the primary hosted a ward talent show. Everyone wanted to do something, even Parker! Justin was forced into it too. Parker told a joke, Sadie sang a solo, and Megan sang with a group of friends. Justin had the Elders Quorum have a pie eating contest. It was hysterical. I will try and post video of the girlies singing... They did so good!

St. George Trip

In January we were able to go for a quick weekend getaway to St. George. It was wonderful and the kids had a blast. We were in the pool as much as possible. This hotel had a pool that was indoor/outdoor. The weather was cool but the girls had a ball swimming "under the wall" to go outside. Parker was a little fishy. He jumped and jumped off the side. TJ tolerated it but liked the hot tub better. As you can see in the picture, he was not impressed with the idea of jumping in. We had a great time! What a fun trip!

We are back in Business!

Boo Yeah! Justin bought a cable yesterday! I can blog about cool stuff again!