Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Really?!? Here's to the over-achievers!

For the past few years, my sis has been gracious enough to host a FHE where we carve pumpkins. Let's just say the creative competition has gotten a tad fierce. Like over the top... But in a fun, non-"your the loser for a year" if you don't win kinda way :/ !
Just as long as you are the winner...

This is my brother Jared's pumpkin. He didn't even have a template... I have a love/hate relationship with artistic people. Wish I was in that club.
Jaret pulled out the heavy artillery for Brady. Skill-saw... gotta get me one of those!
This is my Sadie's pumpkin! She did most of it herself. Impressive? YES!
Jon-boy is well, just plain hysterical. Loved that pumpkin!

And this is Mikes.
Again, NO template.
First vision.
Makes me feel unworthy.
Thats all.
I'll be going now.
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!