Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

Poor little TJ and his burned hand!
This was the first time that they changed his bandage, 2 days after the pro-chef decided to cook. They are a little out of order but they show the gory details... I know that some of you may have seen these on FB so sorry if this is overkill... I just have mommy guilt about this.
The second degree burns go to the middle of his palm and the blister on his pinky wraps around the back of his finger. The sagging skin at the bottom of his palm is another blister. All of the blistered skin that will have to be cut off, anyone want to come to that appointment???
He had first degree burns up to his elbow. They have healed almost and don't bug him very much
What a trooper! He was good until they had to wash the burn then it was all down hill. They have his hand wrapped in non-sticking bandage, gauze, an ace bandage and then some of the stretchy sticky stuff that looks like casting material so that he won't damage it or get any infections. He looks like he has a broken arm. He will probably have to be bandaged for about a month.
Man I hope he gets feeling better soon. He is so sweet and doesn't deserve to be hurt!

Monday, January 25, 2010

20 Days of FUN!

Seriously! The Stewart's have had a hard 20 days.

Many of you know that I have been really sick but it seems that our family can't catch a break.
It all started on the 4th of January...
Miles had his 2 month check-up which went smashingly well until his little man parts got checked- the Doc thought that he had a hernia which is apparently "not a big deal". He had me make an appointment with a Urologist. No sweat...
Then came his immunizations which were OK we thought. Two hours later his little leg was swollen from his knee to his thigh, felt fevered and had a big nasty purple bruise in the center. It looked like he had been hit with a baseball and would cry out in pain if you even touched the carseat that he was sitting in.
Back to after hours clinic we went... Miles had a reaction to the immunization and to add insult to injury, the nurse had hit a vein or gone to deep into the muscle which caused the big nasty bruise. We had to keep him doped up on Tylenol to keep the little squirt from hurting. Poor little baby!
Tuesday my troubles started. I didn't feel well and thought that i might be getting a sinus infection. My awesome OB called in some Amoxicillan and I thought that was that. I wish I could be so LUCKY! Wednesday I got the shakes so bad that I couldn't even dial Justin's number on the phone, it had Parker so scared that he was looking at me like I was a stranger in his house. By luck, my little sister Marilee called and she came over to help. We called the Doc and they told us to go to the instacare cause their schedule was full. At the instacare we were sent to the ER for more tests to be done. I had a fever of 105 and they couldn't figure out why. The ER said that it may have been a sinus infection but not likely and ran more tests which all came back with nothing to alarming. They gave me fluids and pain meds and sent me home. Fun use of $75 for the copay I thought...
Then came Saturday- I had still been fevering to 103 every time the drugs wore off and now to add to the fun had a few more *ahem* problems to add to the mix. Lets just say those problems had to do with my "nether regions" and I will spare you the gory details...
Back to the ER we get to go. Yeah I love this place and all of the weirdy people that one might encounter there. And oh did i mention we got to pay another $75 co-pay?!? So lucky!
More testing, a lower blood count and nether region problems = lucky you- you get a free pass to be admitted but I didn't want to- I have 5 kids and a newborn that doesn't appreciate bottles that well. So they gave me some morphine and in exchange I gave them comedy relief (i guess that I am a lightweight when it comes to drugs and i was saying funny things- i disagree but can't remember anything..) The ER doc said if I left the pic-line (IV needle) in my arm and came back in the morning for a blood test i could go home and that we wouldn't have another $75 co-pay. He started me on some really potent antibiotics which meant that I had to pump and Miles had to be on formula. Hooray! I am sick, have a fever, a needle in my arm and now I get to pump for 20 minutes and still make a bottle for my baby. Thank goodness for my mom and sisters. Miles was very well taken care of. That in itself was OK until I read the drug disclaimers- The first one said "has been shown to give animals CANCER" and the second one said something to the effect of "Weakens tendons which may snap". Lucky- i am so excited to take these!!
Sunday we went back to the ER. When I got back into my room (by now I have my own) all of the nurses and staff that I entertained all came by to see if I was on Morphine today cause they wanted a laugh. Sorry- no comedy today. Just more "nether region" problems and a blood test which went lower. The ER doc talked to a specialist and after a lot of torture and things that I hope to NEVER experience while I am awake again, he said that I needed a Colonoscopy to figure out what was going on. Could be cancer, crohn's, colidis or a fluke- I'll take D please, fluke sounds just fine to me... and ps colonoscopy's are for older people- sicky! They said that i could/should be admitted again but i politely declined and went home but not before they asked for another $75 CO-PAY! Jerks!That's $225 in three days...
Monday I got the Colonoscopy which was loverly. I was asleep thank goodness. They did a biopsy and to the Doc it looked like it could be Colidis but the fluke one- YEAH BABY! follow-up will tell for sure.
Tuesday- Sunday i was really weak tired and sick still. I can't believe how many people stepped in to help our family out. THANKS!!
Next week...
Monday - me getting better everyday
Tuesday at 2:00 AM Parker came in our room. He said that he had a sore throat so we gave him a drink and that seemed to ease that.
Wednesday at noon Parker decides that he doesn't want to eat cause his throat still hurts- yep, you guessed right, STREP THROAT! ugh.
Thursday- my follow up appointment- blood tests and biopsy differ, one says Crohn's or ulcerative colidis and the other says neither. I am still going with FLUKE!
Friday the 24th AM- me still getting better every day and Miles has his appointment with the urologist. Yep chalk up one more- he has a hernia, which thank goodness they will watch for now...
Friday at 5- TJ decides that he will become a pro-chef at age three and finish making his Ramen Noonels (as he calls them) ALL by himself. 2nd degree burns all over his hand and 1st up his arm. REALLY?!? You should see it... OUCHIE!
Saturday we just watched and waited for something bad to happen...
Sunday we haad to take Teej in to have his burn washed and the bandage changed...
and today is Monday.. PRAY for the stewarts!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks to you....

Sometimes, just when you think that you are getting back into the groove of life, you get knocked flat on your butt. That happened to me and I was down and out for two weeks. These are just a few of the people who stepped in to help me and my family out.
I don't know what my kids would be wearing or eating with out my mommy. I don't deserve all that she has done for us but I GREATLY appreciate it!
Rex had taken on the job of two busy non-stop boys every day from 9-5. What a great grandpa!
My sisters were there to take baby Miles and make sure he was OK. I think that he has been spoiled!
...last but not least JUSTIN for everything from a shoulder to cry on to trying to make me laugh when i wanted to curl up and die. How did I get so lucky!?!

Thanks to you all. I feel so blessed!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Best. Outfit . Ever!

Funny day! Teej wanted to go out and play in the snow.
I told him that he needed to get his snow clothes on first so he wouldn't
be cold and so he did. How cute are his little white legs?!?
You gotta love the boots!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl!
Here are 8 things that we love about you!

1- Your SMILE! I love that your whole face smiles when you are happy
2- Your smallness- you are so tiny and sweet
3- Your BIG heart. You can't stand to see other people sad
4- Your determination. You can do anything that you put your mind to
5- Your HeLpInG hAnDs! You are always such a good helper
6- Your Curly Hair- I love that it gets curlier when you are mad!
7- Your hugs- You give the BEST hugs!
8- Your notes. I love, love, LOVE to get your notes! They make my day!

Hope that you have the best birthday ever!
We Love You!