Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been Tagged (so tag your it, HALEY and AMBER!)

I have never been tagged before and had I known that this was waiting for me on Amy's site I would have restrained myself from visiting... BUT, Because I am such a great sport, I will play along. He He He...
I was 10 and I was a happy go lucky kid livin' the life I loved. We had a sweet dog named fuzz-ball and I think that was the spring that Lindy and I turned the Raspberry patch into a pond for the frog we were going to catch... Lindy, did we ever catch the frog?!?
I was just friends with a guy that I ended up marrying... He sent me Yellow Tulips and it was all down hill from there. (What can I say, He knows my weak spots...)
I was a new mom to my second baby girl. She would have been 2 months old. We were living in the house that Justin built in Payson on 200 east. (not to be confused with the fix-er-upper houses on 300 east, 200 south or 400 west... Man I LOVE moving, good times!)
I was trying to get settled after a whirlwind move again (on Christmas Eve no less). I also had another baby named Parker (5 months old at the time) who would change the world as we knew it. Never a dull moment folks! He had just come home from a nice stay in the hosp-ital for RSV. (are you guys noticing a trend? moving and babies are apparently what I excel at!)
I had another new little baby, TJ. He would have been 4 months old. He is a great little addition to the family. We were NOT moving though.
I have NOT kept any of my New Year Resolutions. I was supposed to be a skinny momma livin' in a CLEAN house. But that apparently isn't working out for me. We have spent time in the Hospital with Teej for a bronchial virus and hated it. We started organizing our house (one room at a time) and that is about it. Oh yeah, I was promoted to Unit Manager in Lia Sophia.
I tried to accomplish something by way of cleaning our house, cooked dinner and then went to BUNCO where I spent time with my very best friend Andy, who I have not seen forever! She won a stinking cute clock and I got some yummy body butter from B & B.
I have been tagged, I am dressed for the day (major accomplishment), and I have washed barf sheets from Teej. Poor kid!
Clean house, get dressed and hopefully not wash anyone else's barf sheets....
BE a skinny momma livin' in a clean house, not move, get organized and not clean up anyone else's BARF!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I was hanging laundry up and Parker was playing with TJ. I asked him to be my "big helper" and watch TJ really close so he didn't get into anything that he shouldn't. (TJ really LOVES to draw with markers... all over the wall!!) I heard the boys giggling and then came the laughter that no mother of two boys likes to hear... I walked up to the kitchen and discovered that Parker had taken his job of watching TJ to the next level- he was feeding him snacks. Not just any snacks, my $2.50 a pound grapes and they were ALL over the floor
"so that Teej could reach them mom, He thinks I'm funny"

A picture of the happy boys and the grape covered floor!
"we were just hungry mom,
didn't I do a great job watchin' him?"
The hiding spot for little boys with a "not so happy" mom.
If you have seen Melissa's "Oatmeal adventure" pictures, I have nothing to complain about BUT if not... WAAAAH for my loss of grapes and a sticky floor!
Love those boys.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dancin' Skills

So I saw this on another blog and stole it... I think that it is stinkin' hilarious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Oh-So-Sick Baby


February 8th 2008
I don't know how to explain how sad TJ was, so I took this picture. When he could stay awake, this is how he looked......... It is a little bit out of focus, but you get the jist of it.
Most of the time he spent at the Hospital he looked more like this. He slept and slept and it scared me. They never did figure out what was wrong exactly and he started to get better so they didn't want to test for anything else. We do know that it wasn't RSV, Pneumonia or Influenza A or B.
His IV had to be in his head cuz they couldn't get it in his hands. They tried both but because of how dehydrated he was, the veins wouldn't work. Poor little Ninja man. He did smile occasionally but as soon as anyone "suspicious" looking came in he did this sad little Oh-Oh noise and said "mom... out". He is no dummy!
Here he is with Nan. He was so happy to see someone who wasn't coming at him with a needle. As soon as she came he loved her and was out like a light again.
More Nanny lovin'...
We had to stay overnight and then it was Bye Bye needles and IV, Bye Bye mean Nurses and Doctors and Hello to my own bed. He started to perk up and be himself on Saturday but still gets really worn out. He is such a little trooper and we love him so much!
We are so glad that he is doing better now!
We love you little man!

Parker New Pets! FINALLY!

Here they are, scary as they may be... Parker's pride and joy!
Isn't he the cutest (pretend) farmer that you have ever seen? I get so mad at him for wanting to be a farmer but I should get over it really quickly-- Since I am SCARED to death of live chickens, I have never seen how happy he is out there...

Monday, February 4, 2008

We will be Back to "Normal" soon

Whatever Normal is....
We are getting our computer back this week.
That means that I can finish the family intro's and finally post Parker and his new "pets".
We ate chicken yesterday and I had to explain to the little man that I did not kill his pet "Mumbo".
I kindly explained that as much as Daddy wants to pretend that we are farmers... We are not! I have no intention of de-feathering, gutting or deboning a chicken, much less killing it.

Parker looked at me with those killer eyes and said "So we will just kill the eggs?!?"

Yuck! Can't win for losing...
Hopefully he won't need years of therapy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

So... Some good has come from the worm incident. I found these pictures of Sweet Baby James (aka Tjers to most of you) and his first moments of life. You don't realize how fast life life goes by til you have a moment like this to take a look back.
And we worried how he would do with a brother... From day one Parker has loved his little brother. Sometimes he loved him a little too much but he has really taken the role of Big Brother very seriously. I think that they will be best buddies forever.
I remember that on this day, all Parker wanted to do was show TJers his new jammies that he and nanny and marianne had brought. Then he wanted him IN them and wanted to love him "all by myself"... Thanks to a very patient nanny he got his wish - except the "all by myself" part.

She was SO excited to find out that we were going to have a new baby join the family. She had been praying for a baby for months before we told her that he was on his way. SHe is going to be a great mommy someday!
There's Megan for you~~ She fell head over heals for him! She just wanted to kiss him non-stop. She was and is very attentive to whatever TJ or mommy needed. She to will someday be a Super-Mom.
How sweet he is! He is the perfect fit for our family and it has been fun to watch him develope and grow. I love you Sweet Baby James...