Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not so Happy Haircut

Teej is 18 months old and this is his very first haircut. I know that seems a little long to wait but he has the cutest curls and I didn't want to lose them. It started out OK ....
I think that he realized that he wasn't having fun anymore.
Fun's gone and so is the love! What are you doing Nanny!?! I thought we were friends!
Goodbye Mullet! Goodbye curls! All is lost now....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Eight already?!?

Marilee ROCKS! Look how great these turned out!
and look at that amazing hair! Thanks Jen
She looks So grown up
This picture is one of my favs!

I can NOT believe that my little girl is 8! We are sending out invites for her baptism so I had Jennie (Sadie's personal stylist) give her a new do and Marilee (her personal photographer) snap a few pictures yesterday. I think that the pictures turned out absolutely beautiful! I am just a tad biased though...

Thanks again to Marilee and Jennie for all of their hard work and patience with my little diva!

Sadie- I am so proud of you and the girl that you are. Keep your love of life and stay sweet.
I love you! ~~ Mom