Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No pictures, just funny...

Parker constantly keeps me hopping, but lately he has become a thinker.
Thinker + Active + Free time = BIG MESS! especially with his new "toys".
He has a new found love of Bungee cords and zip-ties. For any of you out there that may have an inkling to get him a Christmas Gift, he has requested his OWN zip-ties. My kid is gonna again be the one who stumps the Claus when he asks for those instead of let's say, a toy. (for any of you Cowan fans, think Sadie and the cut & cut & cut year...) OH well, I guess that I should be happy that he isn't asking for the red-neck fix all pack which includes a 200 foot roll of duct tape.

Here's to being the White Trash clan...
(and yes he will get a wife-beater to wear while playin' with his new toys!)