Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Parker, Parker. PARKER!

Well Buddy- Today is your big day! You are five & I can't believe it!

We have had our share adventures. Your energy never fails.

We have had our share of mishaps too. 1 broken arm, stitches, 5 concussions, lots of big bruises and scratches to name a few, but you always come out on top.

You are constant from sun up till "son" down. You go, go, GO and are always thinking. You want to see how things work and have taken apart a chair, a scooter, toys and many other things. You have also "helped" assemble the basketball standard, christmas tree, bikes and trikes and anything with batteries.

You remind us to sit back and have fun. My favorite question of the day is "Do you and dad just not like fun or something?!?" I think about that all the time.

You also remind me how simple and fun life can be. This morning after opening your new remote control you said "this has got to be a dream- cuz it is the best day of my life!"

So here's to you Parks! Keep on being that great kid that you are. I love you! Love, Mom

Friday, September 25, 2009

Slacker Blogger... but for a reason!

Life is crazy!

I am H U G E!

I can't eat sugar... :(

our house is under complete remodel (nice! but crappy timing!)

and our baby is due in 6 weeks.

so cut me some slack... please
i will post new house and project pictures soon.