Thursday, April 28, 2011

sometimes you're just blah...

yup. i am here. after being gone for 5ish months. life is just tooo busy and lets face it, i am lazy. i had good intentions of being a good blogger at the turn of the new year but they went out the window with my goal of not eating chocolate. hehe. me not with chocolate? funny.

the kids are all right. the hubs is the awesomest and life is pretty dang sweet. i feel like me and the hubs have got a good thing going lately. maybe we just have been married long enough to work out the bugs although he is pretty fun to be with, i love the guy. he even gets snaps for washing and replacing the sheets on our bed with out my asking. yeah, hes cool like that. and he is the best part of me. if that makes sense.
miss marie is getting taller and prettier and older and wiser everyday. she is a good lil confidant and always seems to know when something is amiss. i know that she is going through some growing pains and is starting to think that i dont have a clue as to what i am talking about BUT she still smiles at me and talks to me and i love that.
megra has grown a little bit too. my big 9yo 3rd grader is sporting size 6x jeans now. lol. she is a sassy lil payback and i love her. she is completely set on a new dog and i am not sure about that. any bets on who wins that battle?
parkster has figured out more that his fair share of torture devices. his latest include ripping off a fingernail and then having what was left of said nail surgically removed 2 days later and then the infamous flipping himself in the eyes with a bungee cord. seriously. and these were less than 2 weeks apart. i know why he came in a tank sized body at birth now. and i am sure my dr thinks that i might beat my kid...
teej is happiest with a thumb in his mouth and a shirt tag in his finger. yeah dont judge me. i know he is almost 5. chillax. if he is still attached to his thumb when he plays football at the Y i will do something about it. he is sweet and always tells me that dad is his favorite... i am not sure how to take that. but he makes me smile with the hugs he gives me so i wont worry... to much.
mr miles is the baby. the baby baby. which i think is kinda sad. he passed his first birthday. he is starting to walk and starting to talk a little. he is a genius i am sure. just holding his breath for when he can get a word in. i took the little stinker for tubes today and i cried a little in the car, i wont deny it. i started thinking that before i know it he will be 11 just like sadie. i never knew that this went so fast. i really feel cheated.
at easter i saw the big picture. i was with all my bro's and sisters and all of their kids and it kinda freaked me out. there are some really cool people in my life and some really great examples out there for my kids. my mom and dad are really amazing and it is pretty crappy that it took me a while to figure that out. they have started something big in a great way.
all in all life is good. i wish it would slow down for a while so i can be the kind of mom i want to be and do those things that i know should be done. i hope that my kids grow into the little amazing people that i get a glimpse of every once in a while. i bet they will.

until next time...