Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School!

Megs is in FIRST Grade! I can't believe it!
The cutest girls at our house, ready for the bus to come...
Sadie the Big THIRD Grader- Can she be that old?!?
essentials for school- you have to have a cool backpack!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Has it been that LONG?!?

Happy TEN Year Anniversary!

Justin would tell you that our ten+ years have felt like ten minutes.....
under water, with NO air.
Ha Ha! He is quite the comic.

I really can not believe that we are here at the 10 year mark. It seems like we are still little kids trying to figure out life and that
we just got married a little while ago.

I thought that I would give a ten things / favorite memories of why I love my husband SO much!
Some may find this cheesy or gaggish so read at your own risk...

*The first memory is while we were dating- I was car shopping and I drug him (aka Dodge Boy to my family) around with me EVERYWHERE to look for a car. I was picky about what I wanted and he teased me about how spoiled I was. (Rude, I know... Me -- spoiled?!?) I got really mad at him and he started laughing and said that was one of things that he liked about me- I didn't settle for less than what I wanted and that was determination in his eyes.
Hmmm, Interesting spin on spoiled!

*That we were "just friends" and could date anyone else we wanted. Unless of course it is the 4th of July and you are going on the 3rd date with the same "other" guy. Then there may be problems and you may have a cute kid waiting for you when you got home who thinks that "we shouldn't date other people anymore, just each other!" Fine by me, it was what I wanted the whole time...

*When he asked me to marry him. I was so happy!
It was one of the best days of my life!

*The day we got married- It was SO early and I15 was closed down. We got married in the SLC Temple and the day was a beautiful blur of happiness.

*Moving into our first house. He had been building it the whole time we were engaged. He is such a hard worker. He still is. I love that about him.

*Having him there with me at the ultrasound when they told us that our little baby Sadie was there, alive and well and that there was NOTHING at all wrong with her. I got to see him cry his first Daddy tears that day.
He is the best and most patient Dad.

*His comic relief on my behalf. I get a little stressed out sometimes and I can always count on him to calm me down with some funny comment. These won't mean anything to you guys but here's too... "Bring it On! LIAR! and SHEESH!" and when Parker the tank was born... "I think He wants Steak."

*How he makes me feel so loved. I can feel trampled, beat up, torn down and broken and He can make it all better. He is SO good at that.

*The way that we are in this together. We make all of our life decisions together, share all of our crazy ideas (well mostly his, at 2 in the morning no less)
and are living our dream. It is awesome!
He is constantly looking for ways to make our life better and has more energy then Parker when it comes to making them work. Heres to Steedra, Aronia, house #8, and the many more to come.

*The fact that he is still here. I am not the easiest person to deal with, I have an evil gene that likes to rear its ugly head and make me freaky every once in a while. I am not as patient, hard working, or even forgiving for that matter. But everyday, he is there, making my world a better place.
I sure am lucky and I sure do love him.

Thanks for the best 10 years so far. I am looking forward to a whole bunch more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Parkers Bugs... well a few of them!

One of Parker's favorite things to do is catch bugs. I am good with that cause for the most part, it keeps him busy. BUT- I do not like to see out of the normal bugs. I am alright with rolie-polies, grass-hoppers and praying mantises. Check these bugs out and then tell me your best excuse to a three year old as to why he can't keep them in the house!
Now that's a face only a Mother could love!
Can anyone tell us what kind of beetle this is? It made a weird clicking-hiss noise.
What is that?!? It is the biggest moth I have ever seen!
Check out that wing span.
Did I mention that I am scared to death of Moths? creepy little spawns of Satan

BTW! Our computer is up and going. I will be posting a whole lot for catch up!