Monday, August 31, 2009

5K's and Fun Runs

Justin wanted to run the Mark the Great 5K. It was a benefit race for one of his friends who had passed away unexpectedly. They held the race here in Benjamin and so we made a day of it. The kids raced too and did great for not training at all. You can see Parker in his division- He is a good head taller than the rest of the kids and he was pretty funny about it- When I walked him over to line up- he looked around at all of the little petite girls and said " I am SO gonna win this". I laughed but thought how cocky is my 4 year old?!?

Here is our cute and somewhat sweaty family after all of the races. Parker was pretty excited about his gold medal! and no I didn't run this one- I didn't want to make anyone feel bad when they got beat out by a fat pregnant lady! Next year I won't be so nice... he he

Sadie and Megan ready to run. They did awesome!

Justin and the kids after his 5K. He has been training and running hard all summer. He is going to run the 10K in Payson next week- what a champ! He had a great time on this race and he even helped one of his friends who had pushed himself to hard walk the rest of the race and cross the finish line. What a good guy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

...and they lived happily ever after!

Happy Anniversary to my one true love...

11 years has come and gone since we got hitched...

I am so glad that you were there and pulled over to help some broken down girls on the side of the road!
(you were a lot cuter than the cop...)

I am happy that you asked me out and waited for a postcard in the mail (just to make sure...).

I remember talking to you on the phone for the first time-- we talked for almost 2 hours. I knew then that you were a great guy from what we talked about.

I loved being "friends" with you for so long- You were a great listener and still give the best advice.

So here's to you for putting up with me for this long. I hope that we get forever! ~~ and "just another day in paradise!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching Fun at the Fish Farm...

"Grampa Strawberries" as the kids call him, takes all the grandkids for a "sure thing" fishing trip to the Spring Lake Fish Farm every year. They have SO much fun!

Megan and Ben had a fun time sitting and relaxing under the tree.

Sadie is using her "inner fish" to communicate with her latest catch-- she isn't shy when it comes to bating a hook or grabbing a wiggling slippery fish.

TJ was the last of the grandkids to reel one in- he wasn't sad though, he enjoyed every minute of it!

Parker and Kade caught snakes first (with Uncle Justin's help) and played with them. They thought that was the best!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What?!? We already missed the bus? it is only the first day!!!

There we were taking first day of school pictures and the bus went whizzing by! Going in the opposite direction then in previous years and stopped to pick up kids down the road-- Woopsie!
What a great first day! After the girls made a non-successful sprint to catch it, Justin loaded them in the car and chased it down... ahh the joys of being a "field kid".
Megan the big 2nd grader! (sporting the ONLY thing she wanted for back to school- Punky Brewster-ish hand warmers) What a cutie and polar opposite in style than Miss Sadie. I love it though... She can make a pair of Basketball shorts look darling :)
Sadie is in 4th grade (how did that happen?!?) and she is still into the skirt/dress scene. I think we are going to have to limit her again to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for skirts and other days would be her version of "casual Friday's". Silly Girl-- but she looks so cute!