Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No pictures, just funny...

Parker constantly keeps me hopping, but lately he has become a thinker.
Thinker + Active + Free time = BIG MESS! especially with his new "toys".
He has a new found love of Bungee cords and zip-ties. For any of you out there that may have an inkling to get him a Christmas Gift, he has requested his OWN zip-ties. My kid is gonna again be the one who stumps the Claus when he asks for those instead of let's say, a toy. (for any of you Cowan fans, think Sadie and the cut & cut & cut year...) OH well, I guess that I should be happy that he isn't asking for the red-neck fix all pack which includes a 200 foot roll of duct tape.

Here's to being the White Trash clan...
(and yes he will get a wife-beater to wear while playin' with his new toys!)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can you guess what today is?!?

Everyday this week has been something different for Red Ribbon Week.
Megan has been looking forward to this ever since Sadie was in Kindergarten. The lovely ladies like to go all out on these things...
She wanted "star-fish" hair. Where did we come up with that?!?
Here is a shot of the backs of their cute lil' noggins...
...and their cute lil' faces! Thanks Seitz girlies for being in the pictures!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disneyland FUN

Here are some of the pictures that we took at Disneyland. We didn't take a ton cause we were to busy running! Sadie and I LOVED the Grizzly Rapids ride and got soaked one night with all the cousins. I think that we road that ride 4 or 5 times in a row. Parker was super stoked when he saw Buzz. It made me laugh because he was a tad nervous to actually get close to him. Megan and Gracie were in the right place at the right time and got to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. TJ was content to sit in his stroller and people watch. His favorite ride was Monsters Inc. It is SO cute. At the end of our whirlwind two days, we all felt like Parker in the stroller and wished we could ZONK out. I can't believe he could sleep like that. All in all we had a great time and made some awesome memories!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 Things...

I got tagged by Andy, so here goes...

8 TV Shows I Like to Watch
1. Biggest Loser
2. ER
3. Lipstick Jungle
4. Brothers and Sisters
6. SNL Political Update
7. Hero's
8. I can't think of another... I really don't get to watch much TV

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Cleaned up the house
2. Went to Albertson's
3. Made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Made a Birthday Cake for Teej
5. Made Melissa's Potato Cheese soup- did I mention my love of food?!?
6. Cleaned up a big mess in the kitchen!
7. Had a house full for FHE and ate good food
8. Gutted and carved Punkins'

8 Favorite places to eat
1. Ruby River
2. Costa Vida or Cafe Rio ( I'm not particular)
3. Carraba's
4. Los Hermanos
5. La Dolce Vita
6. Mi Ranchito
7. Glade's (no mocking this one...)
8. PF Changs

8 things I am looking forward too
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas Music
4. Spring
5. Aveer to pull through (long story, don't ask!)
6. Day after Thanksgiving shopping with my sisters (full contact sport anyone?)
7. Seeing my sisters that live far away
8. Little Joe's return and a Costa Rica trip

8 things on my wishlist
1. For Parker to start sleeping through the night (in his OWN bed)
2. A new porch
3. New Carpet
4. Another date with my husband
5. BYU to go to a BCS bowl and Justin to be there, Go Cougs!
6. to finally get the boys room painted
7. more time to get things done
8. Movie night with the girls

8 people I tag
My sisters (7 down He HE HE)
I don't want to make anyone do this so do it if you want too. It is fun..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Balboa Bars... and Newport Beach

I had never been to Balboa. Marianne and Ferdie had and wanted to show us the all famous Balboa Bars. We put our car on a little Ferry ride and ended up on this really cool peninsula. It was like Jackson Hole meets the beach but instead of cabins, think Beach homes. It was awesome. We ended up at this little roadside stand that made Balboa Bars. It had been there since 1945. We got the bars and Boy were they good! It is a big slice of ice cream dipped in chocolate and then rolled in the topping of your choice... YUMMY!

We hit the Beach and played in the waves. The weather was great, about 85-90 degrees. The kids had a ball body surfing and jumping the big surf. I found a Sand Dollar, which Sadie thought was the best and we even saw a pod of Dolphins. They were swimming about 100 yards off the shore. I had never seen anything like that before.
The kids were SO excited. I tried to get a picture but I have a little camera with an OK zoom. They just looked like waves in the picture so use your imagination... I will post more about Disneyland tomorrow or the next day....

Monday, October 20, 2008

What in the World???

Funny Story... Justin came home from playing Basketball Wednesday morning and said "I think we could use a vacation."
I said "Yeah that would be great- Sadie and Megan, HURRY or you will miss the bus!" Justin showered and then started playing around on the computer and asked if "I knew where my sisters were staying on their California trip." I said no- "why, are you really serious about this?" I guess he was cause3 and 1/2 hours later, we had officially copied the Cool Club (aka Marianne, Melissa and Lindy, this time) and invited ourselves on their Vacation. Sorry guys! Hope that you like tag-a-longs...

We hit the beach, Balboa Island an Disneyland. We played hard and had FUN! Here are some quick pictures. I will blog more later- I have laundry to do....

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's times like these...

I really thought long and hard about whether or not to post this. I don't want this to turn into a "pity-party or poor me" post but I needed to share some experiences that I have had.

In August we found out that we were having a baby. We were scared (5 kids!!) but SO excited. We waited a while and then told a few people, mainly friends and family.

Last Friday we went for our 12 week and to hear our lil' baby's heartbeat and found out then that we had lost our baby. It was hard and I cried (a lot) that weekend. It was a shock because I had had no signs of mis-carriage. We had to deliver some heart breaking news to some devastated big sisters-to-be. Then we had to contemplate a tough decision- whether to wait for nature to take it's course or to have a D&C. Now like I said, I am not sharing this because I want your sympathy but more to share what I learned.

In the hours, days and time that passed, our family was the recipient of so many blessings, phone calls of support and love and visits "just to see if we needed anything". Love came so strongly that I can't tell you what it meant to us. Justin and I have always felt that we have been very blessed by way of our family and friends and the support that they give to us but we now know what a true blessing they are to us. We are so very grateful.

As the time came to decide what we were to do I had a very special blessing given to me. I was surrounded by family and could feel the prayers that had been said in my behalf.

Yesterday I had the D&C. It was scary and not something that I would ever like to do again but I can already tell that I am healing. It is still hard to think that we no longer get a new baby in April but it is easier with the love that I have been shown. It is not easy for me to accept this much help. I told Justin that I didn't know what I would have done with out it and he said that we are lucky to have such great family and friends. I agree- Thanks to all of you who have been there to help me and my family in our time of need. We love you all.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!!

Today you turned four. I can't believe it. You are sweet and cuddly and and a whirlwind all in one. You are smart (too smart) for your own good. You make me laugh with the things that you say (and cry sometimes with the things that you do...) You are unstoppable and you could fly to the moon if you want to.
I can't help it if you are a crazy adorable boy. It is who you are. It is hopefully who you will always be.
You are a great Big Brother (when you feel like it) and I can tell how great of friends you and your brother are going to be.
But Parker- you have to stop eating his food!

So here's to my sweet, crazy little man. Have a Happy Birthday! You deserve it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Lil' Soccer Star

Megan started playing soccer and she LOVES it. She is really good too! She is little and quick and has some great kicks. (but I am biased cuz I am her Mom!)
She has been playing goalie during the past couple of games and does well with that too. She had 8 saves in one game. She is her Soccer loving Dad's dream come true!
Good Job Maggie!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preschool is FINALLY here!

After weeks and weeks of Parker waiting as patiently as a three year old can....
Preschool has started and he could not be happier!
Parker and Miss Lindy.
He loves her!
One of his school buddies and best cousin friend Brinnley.
This is how sad TJ was that he didn't get to stay.
I hate his big man tears. They get me every time!

Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School!

Megs is in FIRST Grade! I can't believe it!
The cutest girls at our house, ready for the bus to come...
Sadie the Big THIRD Grader- Can she be that old?!?
essentials for school- you have to have a cool backpack!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Has it been that LONG?!?

Happy TEN Year Anniversary!

Justin would tell you that our ten+ years have felt like ten minutes.....
under water, with NO air.
Ha Ha! He is quite the comic.

I really can not believe that we are here at the 10 year mark. It seems like we are still little kids trying to figure out life and that
we just got married a little while ago.

I thought that I would give a ten things / favorite memories of why I love my husband SO much!
Some may find this cheesy or gaggish so read at your own risk...

*The first memory is while we were dating- I was car shopping and I drug him (aka Dodge Boy to my family) around with me EVERYWHERE to look for a car. I was picky about what I wanted and he teased me about how spoiled I was. (Rude, I know... Me -- spoiled?!?) I got really mad at him and he started laughing and said that was one of things that he liked about me- I didn't settle for less than what I wanted and that was determination in his eyes.
Hmmm, Interesting spin on spoiled!

*That we were "just friends" and could date anyone else we wanted. Unless of course it is the 4th of July and you are going on the 3rd date with the same "other" guy. Then there may be problems and you may have a cute kid waiting for you when you got home who thinks that "we shouldn't date other people anymore, just each other!" Fine by me, it was what I wanted the whole time...

*When he asked me to marry him. I was so happy!
It was one of the best days of my life!

*The day we got married- It was SO early and I15 was closed down. We got married in the SLC Temple and the day was a beautiful blur of happiness.

*Moving into our first house. He had been building it the whole time we were engaged. He is such a hard worker. He still is. I love that about him.

*Having him there with me at the ultrasound when they told us that our little baby Sadie was there, alive and well and that there was NOTHING at all wrong with her. I got to see him cry his first Daddy tears that day.
He is the best and most patient Dad.

*His comic relief on my behalf. I get a little stressed out sometimes and I can always count on him to calm me down with some funny comment. These won't mean anything to you guys but here's too... "Bring it On! LIAR! and SHEESH!" and when Parker the tank was born... "I think He wants Steak."

*How he makes me feel so loved. I can feel trampled, beat up, torn down and broken and He can make it all better. He is SO good at that.

*The way that we are in this together. We make all of our life decisions together, share all of our crazy ideas (well mostly his, at 2 in the morning no less)
and are living our dream. It is awesome!
He is constantly looking for ways to make our life better and has more energy then Parker when it comes to making them work. Heres to Steedra, Aronia, house #8, and the many more to come.

*The fact that he is still here. I am not the easiest person to deal with, I have an evil gene that likes to rear its ugly head and make me freaky every once in a while. I am not as patient, hard working, or even forgiving for that matter. But everyday, he is there, making my world a better place.
I sure am lucky and I sure do love him.

Thanks for the best 10 years so far. I am looking forward to a whole bunch more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Parkers Bugs... well a few of them!

One of Parker's favorite things to do is catch bugs. I am good with that cause for the most part, it keeps him busy. BUT- I do not like to see out of the normal bugs. I am alright with rolie-polies, grass-hoppers and praying mantises. Check these bugs out and then tell me your best excuse to a three year old as to why he can't keep them in the house!
Now that's a face only a Mother could love!
Can anyone tell us what kind of beetle this is? It made a weird clicking-hiss noise.
What is that?!? It is the biggest moth I have ever seen!
Check out that wing span.
Did I mention that I am scared to death of Moths? creepy little spawns of Satan

BTW! Our computer is up and going. I will be posting a whole lot for catch up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are still ALIVE... I think

Let's just say that life at the Stewart abode has been just a little LESS than uneventful and it all started with a flood in my basement the day before I left for Chicago. Yeah!
I had a great time in Chicago but due to some funky traffic and sweet fender benders, I missed my flight home by 9 (NINE) minutes. STLL SMILING! even at 2 am when the airport is a obstacle course relay race waiting to happen...
Got home late Sunday night and whirlwind packed for girls camp.
Kissed the Husband (aka "the Manny") and kids g'bye for an action packed week at girls camp where the most serious problems we had were spider bites, stinging nettle and 4 BEAR! Did I mention that I DON"T DO BEAR!?!
Came home from camp to a normal week home and the boys got matching concussions, isn't that cute?!
Took the girls to Stadium of Fire where I was pleased to be seated in the midst of 58,000 screaming Miley Cyrus fans. If you are ever tempted to go, take along some Excedrin. Don't say I didn't warn you....
Came home from Miley Cyrus with ringing ears to find that "an act of nature" (as Rocky Mountain Power calls it, therefore shrugging all responsibility) had happened at our neighbors house which sent 240 volts of electricity into our house frying every electronic appliance we had plugged in except those that ran on a 220 volt. Could I get a moment of silence for the wii? so very, very sad...
Did some more laundry (thank the stars that still works!) and packed AGAIN for Bear Lake (just so you know, there were no actual Bear present during our trip, phew!)
Now we are home and fighting like mad to get a TV to watch. I am not asking much, just a blasted TV!
Wish me good luck with the battle over insurance! I will post pictures when we get a new computer... I have mountains of them!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

School Carnival!

I love the excitement at the end of the school year. It is fun to go on the field trips and watch the programs. I have had lots of fun this year "helping" out at Sadie and Megan's school. When we found out that there was going to be a carnival, it was an instant count-down- they were all so excited!
Laura, Megan and Shayla, just waiting in line.
Sadie and Quinci- These two are BFF'S.
Quinci is such a cutie! She pulls the silliest faces!
Kiah, Sydnie and Nate- waiting in the REALLY LONG line for treats. They had just had their hair spray-painted. So fun!
Love that hair Parker! He thought that he was a big kid with his wrist band. He loved the slides and couldn't get enough of the bounce house. It also helped out that he was bigger than most of the Kindergarten class. Hurray for little giants!
Sadie and Quinci with Miss Nelson, their teacher. This is the second time that she has taught them. She was their Kindergarten teacher also (bless her heart!). They LOVE her. She was a good sport and got a matching spray-paint hair do with the girls.
As Sadie and Quinci would say... She totally ROCKS!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bug Boys!

For Mother's Day I got a new camera. (yeah!) I took these pictures of Parker with his cousins Kade and Sam. These boys would be fine to sit and look for bugs for hours on end.
Looking for centipedes and rolly-polly's (or ravioli's as Parker calls them).
Kade looking for the next big rock to overturn
Sammy catching a big wormy!
Thanks to Aunt Lisa for the use of her beautiful flower bed and not getting to upset at our little adventurers!