Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sea World!

The Journey to Atlantis ride... Justin is a champ and goes on all the rides with Sadie. She is a little dare-devil. Notice Shelly and Olivia in there too. Olivia is a tough little girl. She actually wanted to go on the ride even after she saw the "plummet to your death" part...
This is how Parker looked at any of the shows. He loved it! Despite the grumpy look- he was in HEAVEN! He loved everything about Sea World except how cold the water is when Shamu splashes. His favorite show was the Dolphin Discovery and he loved the sharks too.
In the Shark exhibit. I don't know how I feel about the tube where the sharks swim above you. Kinda freaked me out, not gonna lie... da duh, da duh, da duh... (think jaws:])
Outside of the Manatee's. Probably my favorite. I could watch them all day. We did have one comical moment in there- A scuba diver came into the cage to vacuum (the poop I assume) and TJ freaked out.  Not just a little... He was shaking and crying and scared to death. He kept saying "No hurt the fishy, scary guys!.. Go way!" although, with out hearing it in his lisp, it really isn't as funny...
Group shot with Haley, our Hochey poke cousin who was able to join in with Nanny and Papa and come! She has twin brothers that act crazy like Parker, so she was a big help. Thanks Haley!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tide Pools at Cabrillo

This was the first day that we spent in San Diego. Marianne and Ferdie had been to Cabrillo before and recommended that we hit the tide pools. This was the first time I have ever played in a tide pool and it was great. The kids saw fish, crabs, coral and caught hermit crabs and a sea slug. We played in the waves and the water and had a blast!
TJ is a lot like his mom and believes that all water should be as warm as a bath. He liked it from a distance and loved the swimming creatures.
Megan and Brinlee had a fun time climbing and playing. Aren't they a couple of cuties?
Sadie was the first to see the sea slug. It was an awesome find. She was quite the little explorer and was really brave despite her girliness. She reached in the water and grabbed at whatever she could.
Parker loved the sea slug. He was in heaven. He loves to collect bugs and get in hands first so he was right at home here. He was a climbing fool and like Sadie, not the least bit hesitant to reach in the cold water and grab at the next crawly critter.

Cabrillo is awesome and if you are heading to San Diego any time soon, plan some time there!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wicked Weekend

Yeah I know that the pictures are out of order- 
I hate that but don't care to fix it right now... 

What an amazing date. Best date of my life I am pretty sure... 
I loved, lOvEd, LOVED Wicked. It could not have been any better. 
Seriously people, I was amazed! Justin really liked it too.
We had a great dinner (I heart pasta), met some really cute ladies at dinner, and had great seats with friends around us. We were blown away that all of that could be packed into one night on the stage. I know that I sound like tamn from *Seriously so blessed* but Holy Crap! I love Wicked!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parker is SO hungry!

silly boy!
you started with a couple of pieces of cinnamon toast
then you moved on to eggo waffles, two with butter and syrup, just how you like them. then some dry cereal and pears.
after that you raided the pop-tarts, asked for a cookie and in trying to be healthy i offered string cheese. you ate three...
and now you sit there telling me that your belly "is as flat as a doughnut" and that you are starving. to death. and that it has been "a year" since you ate... 
what a painful death
i guess i better fix lunch...