Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Fun!

Late, i know but here's the scoop on our sPrInG BreAk!
Started off at Training Table... Yummy!
Then headed to the Kamas Pool!
You may think to yourself, yeah that is out of the way (even i was wary about driving an hour to swim) BUT let me just tell you how awesome this place is. It had a kids climbing area, waterslide and that super spongy bottom that doesn't tear up your kids piggies. We loved it and had to pry our kids out of there. The water was a perfect temperature even for mr. miles!
There was also a high dive (blast from the payson pool past) and miss sadie LOVED it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

not ready...

~i LOVE this picture~

it was taken at the smithsonian in dc
it was the ONLY place sadie wanted to go on the trip
she loved it

i love that she loves to learn
i love that she follows her heart
i love that she is so dang smart

someday it might not be cool to love to learn
someday i might have to fight her to do her homework
someday she might choose boys over books

i am not ready for someday