Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are still ALIVE... I think

Let's just say that life at the Stewart abode has been just a little LESS than uneventful and it all started with a flood in my basement the day before I left for Chicago. Yeah!
I had a great time in Chicago but due to some funky traffic and sweet fender benders, I missed my flight home by 9 (NINE) minutes. STLL SMILING! even at 2 am when the airport is a obstacle course relay race waiting to happen...
Got home late Sunday night and whirlwind packed for girls camp.
Kissed the Husband (aka "the Manny") and kids g'bye for an action packed week at girls camp where the most serious problems we had were spider bites, stinging nettle and 4 BEAR! Did I mention that I DON"T DO BEAR!?!
Came home from camp to a normal week home and the boys got matching concussions, isn't that cute?!
Took the girls to Stadium of Fire where I was pleased to be seated in the midst of 58,000 screaming Miley Cyrus fans. If you are ever tempted to go, take along some Excedrin. Don't say I didn't warn you....
Came home from Miley Cyrus with ringing ears to find that "an act of nature" (as Rocky Mountain Power calls it, therefore shrugging all responsibility) had happened at our neighbors house which sent 240 volts of electricity into our house frying every electronic appliance we had plugged in except those that ran on a 220 volt. Could I get a moment of silence for the wii? so very, very sad...
Did some more laundry (thank the stars that still works!) and packed AGAIN for Bear Lake (just so you know, there were no actual Bear present during our trip, phew!)
Now we are home and fighting like mad to get a TV to watch. I am not asking much, just a blasted TV!
Wish me good luck with the battle over insurance! I will post pictures when we get a new computer... I have mountains of them!