Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a 10 year old?!?

Sadie-B-Bug is TEN!

What a race of a decade-
SCARY how fast that went...

Here are my top ten favorite memories of you (so far)

1- when you were about 6 weeks old you showed us your talking skillz in the back of the car and babbled on for a good 20 minutes to nanny cowan...
2- when you were two-ish you developed your bionic nose and could be brought out of a deep sleep by ANY smell
3- when you were three and we took you to disneyland to meet belle- the sweetness in your hug and "i've waited my whole life to meet you" made dad cry
4- "i need to tell you sumpthing", "no touching my" and "snapping turtle"
5- your singing - to ANYONE who would listen... "wonderful female, wonderful day" from zippity do da and who could forget -- opera A, B, C's?
6- your no fear attitude- be it a two story water slide, rip roaring roller coasters or tubing behind the boat- you are the first to volunteer...
7- my girly girl in dress-up clothes spinning in a circle
8- the day you "called" nanny on the cell phone and talked to her for 10 minutes before i realized that you really did call her and she really was talking back
9- the way you used to rub my ear when i would hold you- people would beg to hold you for that reason- it felt so good!
10- my spelling b champ! what a proud day!

I could go on but those are some of my favorites! I hope you have a great day!
Happy Birthday to my Sadie Lady Drama Mama!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Lately I have been thinking about moms in general-
what we do
how we do it
and why we do what we do...
I love being a mom but sometimes i wonder if i am doing it right
or if my kids will need years of therapy to undo the damages...
There are plenty of things that weigh me down, wear me out and make me want to scream BUT then i think about my mom and all she did and still does for us.

See that amazing sunday dinner spread?
My mom makes this almost every week for at least 30 people.
That is 20 pounds of potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed with just the right amount of butter,
it is also 10-15 pounds of the very best roast that you will ever eat and don't forget 5 pounds of carrots (cooked with the roast so the are SO good), peas and corn for the sides. Then add the BEST GRAVY EVER and hot out of the oven rolls and you know what you've got?
A Sunday Dinner that is made from the heart and a memory that will last a lifetime.
My mom is AWESOME and someday i hope to be just like her-
and i hope that my kids will look up to me like i do her....
I love you mom! ~~ Jill

Monday, March 15, 2010

SnOW fuN!

Since Spring is being shy and won't stick around, I thought that I would share
some fun SnOW pICturES!
The kids were so excited to play in the fresh white cold snow!
Maggie, Parks and Walter the Dog
Teej thought that snow balls were for eating, not throwing.
Sadie Lady knows better than to throw that at the woman who makes her food...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 Months!

Miles is 4 months old- how time flies!
He weighs 12 and a half pounds
(He was 13 and a half but lost a lot when he was sick)
Smiles non stop!
and loves to watch his brothers play!
He is such a sweet boy!