Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uncover Cops, Girl or Female and Cookie Does...

Parker is full of it lately-

Most of the time he is...
His main goal in life is to "be as funny as Josh" 
(his older cousin who I might add is very F U N N Y!)
a few of the funny things said have been so random that they have gotten a great deal of laughter which only feeds the fire...

One day while driving through the countryside admiring all of the large marge homes and scouting out some possible picture sights with Marilee, we heard the following conversation...
Parker: Kinners, you better get your seat belt back on...
Mckinley: Why?
Parker: Cuz there might be cops...
Kin: No there isn't, I checked.
Parks: Well you never know- they might be "uncover" cops and they look just like normal guys but they arrest you and take you to jail.
Kin: worried look, clicks the belt and spy's on the car behind us...

While pulling weeds with me, the following tender moment-
Me: Parks, look at this huge caterpillar...
Parks: Oh cool, Can I keep it?
Me: Sure
Parks: Do you think it is a girl or a female? I don't like girls - so it better be a female.
Me: Uhh, OK?

Same Day- Different flower bed-
Me: Parker look at this, I think it is a cocoon for a butterfly.
Parker: That isn't a cocoon, it is a Chrysalis and it is probably for a moth...
Me: Oh. (don't i feel smart...)

Excited conversation after Fathers and Sons-
Parker: Mom we went on a hike to see deer and we saw a mom and three babies!
Me, (Still bugged after the "chrysalis" incident): So what is a mom deer called?
Parks: That's easy- "cookie does"... ! Smirk and smile and walk away... then quick turn to say: "They are called Does mom, and the babies are called fawns and bucks are the dads." I just called them that cause Kade did... and he is funny..."
Me thinking to myself- 'nuff said- my four year old is officially smarter than me :[

Monday, May 4, 2009

San Diego Temple

This little hummingbird was right next to us in one of the beautiful flower beds. Parker was pretty sure that he could catch it if we stayed long enough.
The group that went to the temple. It was fun to be there together with the cousins.
Our Forever Family!
Sweet Sisters!
Such a pretty temple. It is so amazing!