Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Paint

I had a case of "Ihatehowmyhouselooksitis", SCARY... I know.

My Mother-in-Law and her BFF Pat came to my rescue!
The cure, a freshly painted living room! Yeah Baby!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Yeah, so I know that this picture is in the wrong direction and YES I know that I shouldn't be so darn lazy and fix it BUT, OH WELL! I am just really excited about the fact that Justin is building my sweet closet organizers! (and how hot he looks building them!)
We have built numerous houses and they have all had sweet closets but we waited three years to do these. Go Figure...
Did I mention that I am SOOOO happy about these? I will actually have a spot for all of my clothes and they can all be super organized. YEAH!
Yes. It was a long day and YES we did move our bed out of the room. (The man needed some space to move:) ) When it was finished I moved all of my clothes into my awesome new closet. Now we are going to paint and get a new light and new carpet and new blinds and new curtains and re-do our bathroom and, and, and! Let the fun begin....